Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Lantower Round Rock—where experiential living meets exceptional service. Discover answers to common questions below, covering amenities, the leasing process, pet policies, and more. Find your perfect home with us at Lantower Round Rock and experience the ultimate Round Rock apartment living.


What floor plans does Lantower Round Rock offer?

What are the parking options at Lantower Round Rock?

Is Lantower Round Rock a non-smoking community?

Is Lantower Round Rock a pet-friendly community?

Does Lantower Round Rock have a fitness center?

Does Lantower Round Rock have a resident swimming pool?

What are some of the key community amenities available at Lantower Round Rock?

What features are in each floor plan?

What major employers are near Lantower Round Rock?

How far is Lantower Round Rock from Downtown Austin?

How close is the nearest hospital to Lantower Round Rock?

What are the schools like near Lantower Round Rock?

What should I do in an emergency maintenance situation?

Are residents responsible for any repairs?

As a resident, who should I contact when I need maintenance/repairs?

How do I submit a maintenance request?

How long does it take to process my application?

Who do I contact if I have questions about my application?

What happens if I don’t make enough of the monthly income to apply?

What happens if I don’t get approved? Will I get my money back?

When should I expect a renewal offer/know what my rate to renew is?

What happens if I have to extend my move date?

What is the time frame for receiving my security deposit refund?